December 4, 2015

Thankful in Third

This time of year always reminds us of how much we have to be thankful for. That, along with some things going on in my personal life, has me feeling incredibly grateful.

            I am always very honest with my students and share stories from my life with them, just as they do with me. We spend most of our days with each other and whether we’d like to believe it or not, they know when were off our game. The students knew something was up, so I shared a bit with them about what was happening (as much as these little kiddos could handle) and a student replied “Wow! Mrs. Flahive, I am so thankful everything is ok!’  This sparked “Turning into Turkeys” with thanks to Digital Divide and Conquer for creating such a great product! See the link below! TURKEY is an acronym for being Thankful, Using your skills to be helpful, Rest & Relax with family and friends, Kindness and Caring count, Everyone matters, and You make a difference.

             In our gratitude circle each day after lunch, we have been sharing what we are each thankful and grateful for. Of course, many students started out with things like video games, trampolines, toys, birthdays, holidays, etc. After of a few days of my modeling, I was hearing things like parents, siblings, friends, etc. Then, last week, I had another PROUD TEACHER MOMENT. Kids were sharing things like “My older brother, because he always helps me and compliments me when I do things well, and I know this doesn’t happen for everyone with an older brother so I am thankful he is mine” and “My mom because she makes sure me and my family have a delicious healthy dinner that we all love every night!”
            As the kids have worked through their booklets, they’ve shared their experiences with the class, and parents have shared photos with me! Some of the children have started setting the table and doing chores without being asked and others are making sure to spend time with siblings and parents. Some are being extra helpful with their siblings and peers. There is an overall increased sense of gratitude and empathy towards others. It has been amazing to watch! Feeling extra thankful for these little learners. =) Below are some pictures from our bulletin board.

Each feather has something the children are thankful for, they wrote stories about what they're thankful for and what Everyone Matters means to them, and they wrote from the perspective of a turkey on Thanksgiving.
One student wrote "Alone you are like an ant, helpless. But together you all have the power of an elephant." =)

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